• Hi,

    This Sundays B's head off into deepest Northamptonshire to the Boddingtons. This 84km (52 miles) route stops off 55km's in at The Forge in Culworth. There are some tasty lumps starting at around the 40km mark, totalling 772 meters of ascent (2,532 ft):

    *Aston le Walls to Upper Boddington 1.4km at 4.4% 61m around the 40km mark
    *Boddington reservoir to Byefield 1.5km at 3.2% 48m around the 43km mark
    *West Farndon into Eyedon 1.0km at 5% 51m around the 49km mark
    *Eyedon to Culworth lump 0.7km at 4.7% 34m around the 53km mark
    *Into Culworth 0.8km at 5.4% 42m around the 54km mark, just before the coffee stop
    *Out of Astwell 1.5km at 3.2% 48m around the 66km mark

    There are loads of shortcuts if we need to utilize on the day for any reason.

    I will be pealing off when we return back through Helmdon to get back home in Brackley. Please download the map to assist with re-tracing your steps back along the reverse of the outward route.

    It's a lovely route that I look forward to riding with you.

    Kind regards,



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