Time Trials - Having a go?

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  • Further conversations on route today for some local TT events for the Swans to have a look at doing this year. As previously explained I do the North Bucks events when I can so to answer the further interest of of when the local events are and where plus the course details please follow the the to following links:
    These you can enter as a Swans member.. http://northbucksroadclub.org.uk/index.p­hp/club-events/2015-club-events/777-club­-event-calendar-2016 http://northbucksroadclub.org.uk/index.p­hp/club-events/courses
    Also we have the Bicester (Weston -on the- Green) to consider too.

    Once the CTT bible is out I'll introduce you to more possible course, dates etc..
    Again follow this link to their site for much more TT information but the events for 2016 is yet to be populated. http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/even­ts
    But note the Swans will have to be affiliated first or you can join (second claim) and enter through a affiliated club like the Bossards & NBRC and name a couple.

    Club entry Subscriptions for the CTT are due on 1st October in respect of the ensuing year. Clubs shall be deemed to have resigned from membership if the subscription is unpaid on 31st December. Such clubs upon re-applying for membership before 1st October shall pay a rejoining fee of £20 in addition to the annual affiliation subscription. the fees rise to £80 for clubs with kit sponsorship/name... ooophs

    Once we get into the year we will have to get some training rides organised for those interested

    I hope that this helps and just shout if you need more info.

  • That's great Paul thx Danny ,I'm going to ask for the club to join Ctt at the next meeting ,I have had dialogue with Matt ,and we have the form
    Cheers Danny

  • Further to the above Stephen asked a question about club TT's, the answer was:
    Basically you don't need a BC licence or be a member of a club like NBRC to enter their events... Turn up, sign-on as a Swan, pay your entry fee (£5) which includes CTT insurance and go....

    From the NBRC site: What is a ‘club event’? Club time trials are rather more low key. In the case of the NBRC, we publish the calendar of events early in the year. If you want a ride, you just turn up on the evening and sign on, pin on your number. Usually our events have 30 or fewer riders, and all are open to beginners to come and try time trialling. It’s a pretty friendly and easy way to get a hang of the sport.

    Their 2016 event list is available as detailed above and details of the courses
    Next one for me will be Sat 19th March, Stoke Hammond Bi-pass..

  • The CTT bible has arrived and I've attached a list of what us Bossard will / maybe be having ago at this year? from 10, 25, 30 ,50, 100 miles & 12 hour events.

    to view further go to their site at http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/even­ts

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  • Looks like there's potential for a pretty action packed schedule there Paul!

    I was wondering what sort of time might we need in order to get a place on a Bossard open on the F15? I know the F15 can be quite popular so do you think you'll have to limit it to only the fastest guys?

    I won't be back from uni for the first one in May but I'll hopefully be able to put an entry in for the second one and by that stage I should have done a few opens and hopefully got a semi-decent time.

  • That's an extremely useful list @Woods - thank you for sharing.

  • Hi James, yes the F15 is popular as I counted a dozen or so events on it this year, but there is a threat that it may close at some point, traffic lights for new housing development, so will have to wait and see? As to entering, on the list you'll see a red kite (comment) on the course identifier cells, hover over to see some details including the entry close date so plenty of time. As to who gets to ride for this one (Jun 26) it'll be up to me to sort as the organiser and norland members of which you are one will get preference anyway,so don't worry.
    Most events are entered by internet these days so easier, create an account and of you go. From the CTT site, choose the event you wish to enter and follow the link through, you'll have fill some data about past times data etc, that's if you've got any, it saves it for next time too now, credit card and your done... the organiser will send out the start sheet week before, you just turn up to the designated hall on the day sign in, number on, of to the start and go!
    Remember that NBRC also use this course on some Wed night's. For this it's turn up, sign in, pay, number on for to the start and go!
    Simple ah, if only......

  • Sweet, thanks Paul. I've now entered my first open - 28th Feb up here in Yorkshire and it's on a local course, the V910. Can't wait!

  • Go James Go, look forward to seeing how you do, well I expect..

  • Further to the many post above on this subject as a reminder for you to do any national TT's in the name of the Swans the club will need to affiliated to the CTT, that for us is expensive.
    So you will need to ride with a club as a 2nd claim rider that is affiliated as I do, on behave of the Bossard Club I can confirm that will cost you £10:00 for the year. Kit wise you could beg, borrow or steal a Bossard top or even purchase one from our stock, or you need to ride in a plain kit, a skin-suit the way forward though...
    I hope that this help getting you a little closer to riding them..

  • Do you have to ride as a club or can you ride as an independent? I have nothing against Bossard or NBRC but don't feel myself worthy and would be worried about tarnishing their good name with a poor result! ;)

  • All I can say is as advise as in all my previous post on this subject...
    Club Events: enter as a Swan Whrs... i.e.. NBRC, A5 Rangers etc
    National Events: enter via an associated Club... i.e. NBRC, Bossard etc

    Any rider taking part in any event will not tarnish any club in fact they will be far greater pleased to see any one entering and having a go, as that's what its all about.
    To put it in to perspective club's are a vehicle to get out there, to give it a go and improve over time - to put it basically All About You.. and I think knowing you now as I do you'd not have a problem mate..
    The training promised will happen after Majorca to get you in the swing off it if you still fancy it?
    My first TT (done on my now winter Trek) was a national event but you may wish to start at club level?

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Time Trials - Having a go?

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