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    The Mitre, Buckingham
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    I feels like it’s been an age since the last social which was pre Christmas. So much so, I forgot to post the event (thanks @AdamPool)

    Usual venue of the Mitre and usual start time of 7:30pm.

    Hope you can make it.

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    The Classifieds forum is provided to enable members of this community to carry out transactions with other members.

    Swan Wheelers Cycling Club accept absolutely no liability for any transaction carried out as a result of the use of the communication services provided, including any loss or harm that comes to you or your possessions or any grievance with any other forum member. Your use of the provided communication service is entirely at your own risk.

    Basic rules for classifieds:

    1. You must post the classified advert in the Classifieds forum.
    2. Please prefix your post with either "For Sale", "Wanted", "Trade".
    3. Do not put any personal contact details in your post, instead instruct potential buyers to contact you via the forum's messaging system (ie click on your name/pic)
    4. If you include photographs (recommended) then they must be photos of the item you have for sale and not a stock photograph.
    5. No fishing expeditions. You are either selling something or you're not. Either it's in the classifieds or it's deleted.
    6. The rule on not SHOUTING or applying other formatting to draw unequal attention to your advert is not permitted.
      7 After an item the original advertiser must not remove the historical record by editing the advert in any way (no deleting), nor prevented the buyer from leaving comments in the future (no locking a conversation).

    If you are selling helmets:

    1. You must show clear photos of the shell to demonstrate it has never been in an accident and cannot offer for sale any helmet with signs of damage.
    2. You must show clear photos of the straps and rear tightening mechanism as this is the best indication that it is authentic.

    Advisory (not rules):

    1. Unlike the rest of the member forums, this one is visible via non members in order to give your advert maximum exposure
    2. Update the thread (or close it) when your item has sold and say how much it has sold for.
    3. Put a price in the first post, with ONO (Or Nearest Offer) if you're willing to negotiate.
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    Do you have anything you want to raise with the committee? A query, a grumble, a suggestion for a change, an event or something new?

    We're holding the last committee meeting of the year on Tuesday 29th November.

    Add an item to the agenda by doing one of the following by Monday evening:

    • Replying to this thread
    • Sending me a message via the forum
    • Emailing the committee via swanwheelerscc@gmail.com
    • Speaking to a member of the committee on this weekend's rides



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    Please note the "in the saddle" section of the forum has split in two.

    One section for club organised rides and another for member ad-hoc rides.

    You may wish to "follow" this new forum to ensure you get email updates when items are added.

    Find out why here.

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    This section of the forum is for ad-hoc rides organised by and between members.

    Whilst the Club fully supports members riding together outside the 'official' club organised rides, we need to ensure members are aware that when signing up for these rides they are not club rides; there won't be a ride sheet or designated ride leader and the club will have no responsibility or liability for the organisation or running of these rides.

    Having Community Amateur Sports Club status means we need to ensure our club rides are open to all in the community hence they're published openly via the website. These ad-hoc rides aren't so therefore it's important to ensure there is clear distinction between club rides and ad-hoc member organised rides.

    If you have any questions on this, please post them below.