A Equinox Ride

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  • Hola Amigos!

    I'm back, its like I've never been away.

    Heading to Claydon House to meet with the other groups.

    Please download the route as I will not be sitting on the front.

    Looking forward to seeing you all.


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  • Hi Lucy, It's worth checking the road from Fulwell through Mixbury. It was closed last week even though the closure sign says closed from 27th March

  • oh okay will edit the route - thanks for letting me know!

  • Hope to see you there @LucyChoules 😉

  • I’ll limp in 😬

  • @DaveB @JamesT I’m still keen to go out, however weather looks awful… could make route abit shorter… perhaps do the B route?! Let me know thoughts

  • @LucyChoules @DaveB what timings suit you? The rain eases off by midday? Happy to do a shorter ride perhaps setting off a bit later…?

  • Happy with whatever the consensus is, I’ve not ridden for ages so will be happy to get out whatever it be. The way I just saw you @LucyChoules take the mini roundabout by the gail in town, I’ll be doing well to hold your wheel

  • I reckon we do the B route at normal time, means anyone who wants to Step up can. I don’t think we will be able to pick up much speed in the wet. I don’t trust the weather to clear up. Hope that works ?!

  • Are we calling it in the morning?

  • Yes good w me

  • Fingers crossed! And remember - 9am meet up is BST, 1 hour earlier than your body will expect!!

  • I’m up for it if we fancy it. Happy with the full A ride if we all agree but will do the B route if not.

  • Hi Lucy - are you around this Sunday to try this ride again?

  • @NiallB sorry I’m not back next weekend!

  • Ok thanks for letting me know, hope to see you soon

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A Equinox Ride

Posted by Avatar for LucyChoules @LucyChoules